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November 16, 2020
Richard M. Ebeling

Do Not Trust Governments with the Control of Money

“If Judy Shelton is appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and if she actually espouses and defends the ideas for which she is being condemned by so many of those ‘mainstream’ economists today, it may be a useful step to the societal transformation to a freer society, a key long run element of which must be the freeing of money from political control.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling



Roads to Sound Money, Edited by Judy Shelton

In 2012, the Sound Money Project, then part of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, released Roads to Sound Money, a collection of essays edited with a foreword by Judy Shelton. The Sound Money Project is now part of the American Institute for Economic Research. AIER is pleased to post the full contents below.


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