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Joakim Book

The Stories from a Decentralized Short Squeeze

“Millions were made, billions lost, revenge realized and dreams shattered. The GameStop saga is both disturbing for what it reveals about a society’s divides and the market structure that made it possible.” ~ Joakim Book


Doug Bandow

Whose Life is it Anyway? Politicians Should Stop Claiming Our Futures as Their Own

“Although Democrats are on the offense, Republicans were wildly irresponsible when they last held the majority. Watching the Democrats this year gives new meaning to the joke line, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.’ Remember Sen. Murray.” ~ Doug Bandow


James Bovard

Stop Protecting Presidents from History

“Continuing to close the doors on presidential records is a clear and present danger to Americans recognizing how badly they have been misgoverned.” ~ James Bovard


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