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Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Index Remains Well Below Neutral

The AIER Leading Indicators Index remained well below neutral in the latest month, signaling broadening economic weakness and sharply elevated levels of risk for the outlook. Caution is warranted.


Paul Schwennesen

Recalling our Roots- The Fertile Iberian Soil of Liberty

 “For a variety of complicated reasons this early Spanish Enlightenment didn’t flourish as we might have wished. But without it, the English and Scottish Enlightenments may well have never coalesced.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


April Liu

Public Health Amidst a Smart Pandemic

“Government officials and big tech alike should take seriously that with the rise of big data comes a corresponding concern about privacy and transparency.” ~ April Liu and Ryan M. Yonk


Art Carden

Where Is the Free Market Utopia?

“Philippon explains why we should embrace competition, and if more people do so after reading The Great Reversal, he will have done an important job.” ~ Art Carden


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