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Gary Galles

John Adams On Liberty—America’s Rationale And Greatness

“At a time when we often not only forget that liberty is both America’s rationale and its greatness, but routinely violate it, Americans would profit from returning to Adams’ wisdom.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Doug Bandow

New Mao Lauds Old Mao: China’s Xi Jinping Takes Politburo on Communist Road Trip

“The best that can be said of Xi is that he values stability, and would not intentionally plunge China into anything like the chaos in which Mao thrived.” ~ Doug Bandow


Daniel Klein

A Foreword to Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments

“Admirers of The Theory of Moral Sentiments range across academic and scholarly fields and disciplines, across countries and continents, and, most remarkably, across landscapes of political ideology.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


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