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Jeffrey Singer

Dopesick Resurrects an Opioid Narrative That Is ‘Neat, Plausible, and Wrong’

“Just when those responsible for our misguided opioid policy may be coming to this realization and reevaluating their approach, Hulu releases a miniseries aimed at stirring the passions that might breathe new life into the false and failing narrative.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer


Art Carden

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Economics Classroom

“Critics worry that DEI initiatives will lead to watered down, therapeutic curricula, but the DEI push is a great time for economics (and economists!) to shine in the classroom with hard-headed but soft-hearted analysis.” ~ Art Carden


Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Index Falls Again, Hitting the Neutral 50 Mark

“The AIER Leading Indicators index posted another drop in October, coming in at a neutral 50. The result suggests continued economic expansion, but ongoing labor difficulties, materials shortages, and logistical and transportation bottlenecks are sustaining upward pressure on prices.” – Robert Hughes


Gunther Schnabl

Negative Interest Rates and the ECB’s Brave New Credit World

“The widely negative real interest rates, which have already been a reality in some segments of the European capital markets, might foreshadow this loss of welfare for the European people.” ~ Gunther Schnabl & Nils Sonnenberg


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