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Jeffrey Tucker

It Was a Mistake to Close Schools, UK Study Concedes

“In nine months of this hell, one might suppose there would have been a clear test of whether and to what extent severe outcomes from catching the virus were really associated with school attendance. It has finally arrived, and the news is not good for the lockdowners.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Benjamin Powell

For Better Health and a Stronger Economy, Don’t Lock Down Again

“Instead of following Europe into a second round of lockdowns, the United States should follow the advice of the top scientists and medical experts who have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. They advise avoiding lockdowns and focusing instead on protecting the most vulnerable, letting the disease spread among the young and healthy to build population immunity.” ~ Benjamin Powell


Jonas Herby

Sweden’s “Dry Tinder” Accounts for Many Covid-19-deaths

“People have been criticizing Sweden’s health and elder care, but the failures of the Covid-19 period are in large part a reflection of the successes during the runup. Swedes did a great job in the two-year runup to March 2020 and were then punished by Covid-19. The data are clear: In understanding Covid-19-death tolls, ‘dry tinder’ is a major factor.” ~ Jonas Herby


Donald J. Boudreaux

Agreeing and Disagreeing with Tyler Cowen on Covid-19

“By failing to take account of Covid’s differential impact on people according to their age, governments have compromised their credibility. By falsely treating everyone from kindergartners through college students and even middle-aged folks in normal health as if they all are as imperiled by Covid as are residents of nursing homes, governments signal a disregard for relevant facts. They reveal that they’ll seize upon any crisis, inflate it opportunistically, and use it as an excuse to grab more power regardless of the underlying realities.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Art Carden

Let a Billion Preferences Bloom

“Mass customization and diversity are commercial society’s virtues. Mass regimentation and uniformity are political society’s vices. The stark contrast is clear in the proximity between Halloween and Election Day.” ~ Art Carden


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