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April Liu

A Seat at the Table: The Risks of Complacent Data Privacy Governance

“Absent meaningful reforms to data privacy, the US risks standing idly by as governments around the world craft their own standards, at times inspired by doctrines antithetical to fundamental human rights values.” ~ April Liu & Ethan Yang


Zachary Shuter

A New Concern: Falling US Treasury Demand

“The path forward is unclear, as the rise in yield rates necessary to induce greater demand could also mean higher costs in lending for both private and public actors.” ~ Zachary Shuter, Zhezheng Zhang, & Peter C. Earle


Jack Solowey

A Tale of Two Documents: How the Bitcoin White Paper Outperformed Dodd-Frank

“As policymakers look to further regulate the crypto ecosystem itself, they should keep top of mind the capacity of private innovation to not only achieve broad policy goals but also to get there before regulations do.” ~ Jack Solowey


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