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Robert Hughes

Services and Manufacturing Sectors on Diverging Paths

The nonmanufacturing sector expanded in October, diverging from the manufacturing-sector contraction. Erratic and unpredictable policies may be hurting manufacturing and the labor market.


Sean Stein Smith

Blockchain Adoption: Lessons From Innovations Past

The continued blockchain scrutiny and backlash highlights the need for a new approach.


Jeffrey Tucker

The Early Years of the Crypto Revolution (Podcast with Jeffrey Tucker and Charlie Shrem)

Charlie Shrem was the inadvertent genius you hope to meet in the early years of a technological revolution. We became fast friends, based on this odd combination of naivete and curiosity. We shared everything we knew, and it was beautiful. The hard times that were ahead for both of us we could not have imagined […]


Michael Munger

Wealth Is About Much More than Physical Things

We shouldn’t let our inability to measure increased wealth convince us that we aren’t making progress.


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