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Gary Galles

Democrats Fail the Marshmallow Test

“If we can recognize how pre-schoolers do themselves a disservice by failing to defer gratification sufficiently, we should be able to identify the same sort of disservice to all of us from those sponsoring government policies that fail the marshmallow test.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Robert Hughes

Payroll Growth Continues, but the Pace Is Slowing

“Payrolls posted gains in October, but the pace appears to be slowing. Mixed signs for the labor market, sustained price pressures, and an aggressive Fed tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Max Borders

The Republican Conundrum

“Under such pressure, the political class will hit the gas even though they’re coasting on fumes. Americans will have to look to themselves and each other for help.” ~ Max Borders


John Tamny

With Their Attacks on David Malpass, Environmentalists Reveal Their Shallow Ways

“Global warming fanatics can’t see that the very human progress they disdain (and that they couldn’t live happily without) is what sets the stage for even better care of the planet they claim to want to save.” ~ John Tamny


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