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Peter C. Earle

While You Slept, Government Created Internal Passports, Real ID

The answer to the question regarding what Americans will giveup for a measure of security, and in this case a tremendously dubious measure of security, is now clear.


Max Gulker

Use Economics to Lose 15 Pounds Before the Holidays

With a few rules the decision of what and when to eat moves to the slower, smarter part of our brains.


Auto sales
Robert Hughes

Light Vehicle Sales Fell in October as Car Sales Hit New Low

Auto sales fell in October but remain at a high level. While economic data is mixed, the labor market remains solid and the outlook remains cautiously optimistic.


Donald J. Boudreaux

What Is Comparative Advantage?

An economic entity’s technical ability to produce some particular product is, by itself, irrelevant for determining if that entity should produce that product itself or, instead, acquire that product by first producing something else and then trading that something else for the product.


Michael Munger

Starbucks Too Has Surge Pricing

Even though you have money and you are ready, even eager, to pay, you have to wait your turn. That’s a form of surge pricing.


Richard M. Ebeling

The History and Meaning of the Berlin Wall

The history of the Berlin Wall and the collectivist ideology behind it should remind us of how important a loss any of our freedoms can be.


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