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Joakim Book

The ’Rona Squeeze and a Swedish Hip-Hopper

“Most everywhere else, different rules apply: no matter the facts, we must squeeze harder. The badly-behaved virus must stop progressing, must cease and desist. Anything else, apparently, ‘just doesn’t seem worth it.'” ~ Joakim Book


James Bovard

Covid and Constitutional RoadKill

“Americans need to recognize the profound weaknesses revealed this year in democratic governments at every level. A strict adherence to the Bill of Rights is the surest way to reduce post-Election Day perils. If freedom is to survive, Americans must become far better informed of the dangers from government — regardless of who wins the Presidency.”~ James Bovard


Richard M. Ebeling

Lockdowns as a Political Tragedy of the Commons

“All of this because of a political tragedy of the commons created by governments who insist on their right and duty to nationalize decision-making over all the private actions and activities of the citizenry subject to their control. Maybe we need a new slogan: Locked-down lives matter, and governments should stop doing it.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Ethan Yang

2020-2030 Could Be the Decade of Economic Malaise

“If history shows us anything, this experience may very well spark a renaissance for the ideas of limited government and markets. If only we could learn this the easy way rather than the hard way.” ~ Ethan Yang


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