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Robert Hughes

Demand Remained Strong for the Manufacturing Sector in October

“Demand for manufactured goods remained very strong in October. However, labor difficulties, materials shortages, and logistical issues continue to restrain supply and pressure prices.” – Robert Hughes


James Hanley

Green Jobs Are a Cost, not a Benefit

“If we have decided to transition to clean energy for environmental reasons, then we should hope for clean energy that requires fewer jobs. That would be a real benefit.” ~ James E. Hanley


John Tamny

A U.S. Wealth Tax Would Force Wealth Out of the U.S.

“Since no other developed country taxes wealth in the aggressive way that the Democrats are proposing, passage of their proposed tax would result in a massive flight of human and financial capital out of the United States.” ~ John Tamny


Joakim Book

The Terrible Baby Boomers

“If you want a careful, well-researched, and nuanced description of today’s generational conflicts, look beyond Andrews. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something entertaining, give Andrews a look.” ~ Joakim Book


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