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Robert E. Wright

Trump’s Rallies Killed People? It’s Fake Science

“It surely is not enough to throw together a paper that is 95% statistical mumbo-jumbo, and with a firm conclusion that impacts on an earth-shaking election that is only three days away. Scientific integrity requires much more than coming to a politically correct conclusion with a made-for-media conclusion.” ~ Robert Wright


Sunetra Gupta

A Contagion of Hatred and Hysteria

“The simple truth is that Covid-19 will not just go away if we continue to impose enough meaningless restrictions on ourselves. And the longer we fail to recognise this, the worse will be the permanent economic damage — the brunt of which, again, will be borne by the disadvantaged and the young.” ~ Dr. Sunetra Gupta


Raymond C. Niles

Monopoly vs. Monopoly: Sloppy Definitions Lead to Harmful Policy

“A new term is needed for the highly-competitive innovators who achieve large market shares by creatively providing outstanding, innovative, and lower-cost products and services that are of such value that millions of people choose to buy their products. We can keep the term ‘monopoly,’ but it should be reserved for describing those government-created and sanctioned dinosaurs like the US Postal Service.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


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