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William J. Luther

What Does ‘Transitory Inflation’ Really Mean?

“Whether the Fed will conduct policy to render the recent episode of inflation transitory in either sense of the term remains to be seen. My view, informed by market expectations, is that the rate of inflation will eventually decline to something in the neighborhood of 2 percent.” ~ William J. Luther


Joakim Book

A Clear and Nuanced View on Generational Conflict

“Duffy is the first to admit that there are differences between the generations, but upon closer scrutiny many of them fall apart. Many stereotypes of our generations require both nuance and honest qualifications.” ~ Joakim Book


Anthony Gill

The Surprising Social Signals of Halloween

“When those goblins and ghouls come knocking at your door on October 31st, cherish that you are part of a community that values sacrifice, graciousness, and cooperation.” ~ Anthony Gill & Michael Thomas


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