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Donald J. Boudreaux

Open Letter to Matt Yglesias

“The economy is people – people producing, trading, cooperating, and consuming. Reasonable people disagree over what are the best policies to deal with Covid-19. But contrary to the impression conveyed by your tweet, no serious person argues for sacrificing lives to ‘the economy’ as a lifeless abstraction.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Warren Gibson

White Supremacy No, Enlightenment Superiority Yes

“Progress isn’t automatic, and worse, regress can happen. We must understand and promote Enlightenment ideas and practices: Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress.” ~ Warren C. Gibson


Robert Hughes

U.S. Economy Posts Record Gain, But Areas of Weakness Persist

“The U.S. economy posted historic growth in the third quarter but remains below pre-pandemic levels. Uncertainty over policies and the upcoming election is keeping risks elevated.” – Robert Hughes


Robert Hughes

Initial Claims and Continuing Claims for Unemployment Benefits Fall Again

“Initial claims for unemployment benefits remained below 800,000 for a second week but doubts about the recovery continue.” – Robert Hughes


dollar, financial crimes
J.P. Koning

FinCEN and Fed Proposal Means Less Privacy, More Exclusion

“It could very well be that the benefits of reducing the threshold from $3,000 to $250 exceed the costs, defined as the sum of the administrative expenses, lost privacy, and increased financial exclusion. But all of these costs must be included in the final calculation. Not just some of them. As it is, FinCEN and the Fed have not done a sound accounting for their proposal.” ~ J.P. Koning


red pill blue pill
Ethan Yang

A Guide for Free Thinkers: They’re Both Wrong

“Tamny’s book is essential not just because it provides insightful commentary on important political issues but because it provides a timeless lesson. This is that a country, a government, and a society cannot sustain itself on a foundation of weak narratives. Independent thought and rigorous conversations are what form the backbone of a vibrant democracy.” ~ Ethan Yang


Thomas L. Hogan

Does Anyone Trust the Fed?

“Until the Fed acts to build trust and credibility with the public, its policy of Average Inflation Targeting will have little effect on inflation or economic activity.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


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