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Ethan Yang

Rationalizing The Chinese Communist Party

“China’s leaders take deliberate steps to accomplish what is in their best interest within the constraints of their Leninist system. These objectives ultimately boil down to navigating a balance of control and freedom to maximize power.” ~ Ethan Yang


Colin McNickle

FNB’s Shameful Public Purse Raid

“That big bankers and their government toadies continue to play the public for suckers is abhorrent. That’s especially true as, on one hand, they tout all the ‘public benefits’ of their projects as their other hand turns out taxpayer pockets.” ~ Colin McNickle


Donald J. Boudreaux

Avoid the Reductio When Arguing Over the Minimum Wage

“While the reductio is an unsound economic argument against the minimum wage, there remain many sound arguments against this officious intervention. Not the least of these is that a minimum wage will reduce employment options for workers.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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