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Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Fell in September

“New-home sales fell in September, and inventories rose again. Elevated prices and surging mortgage rates reduce affordability and are likely to weaken future demand.” ~ Robert Hughes


Doug Bandow

The China Challenge: What’s a Real Liberal To Do?

“Americans must defend a free society at home and preserve a liberal peace abroad. They may be the only people able to do both.” ~ Doug Bandow


John Tamny

As Meta Searches For the Future, Lina Khan Aims to Suffocate It

“Whatever Meta discovers through its intrepid search for tomorrow, we’ll all be smarter for it having ventured a vision unlike the present. Too bad Lina Khan is so eager to blind us to the essential knowledge Meta is trying to create.” ~ John Tamny


Peter C. Earle

Fact Checking the President on Global Inflation

“An administration which was evidently so troubled by ‘misinformation’ would more profitably target it not by establishing a ministry, but by looking in a mirror.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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