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Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Rose in September as Prices Continue to Surge

“New-home sales rose in September while inventory held steady. Rising prices will likely continue to force some buyers out of the market, leading to additional inventory build and slower price increases.” – Robert Hughes


David Waugh

What Progressives Miss in the Bitcoin Energy Debate

“If progressives such as Elizabeth Warren extended their publicly held values of ‘fearless consumer advocacy’ to also apply to those outside the western world, they would see the value of Bitcoin.” ~ David Waugh


Daniel Sutter

Limited Government and Money: A Review of Money and the Rule of Law

“Truly limited government involves limiting the discretion of the Federal Reserve. A solution involves imposing binding rules on both the Fed and Congress. The rules must specifically restrict the creation of ‘liquidity and credit except in specific ways that are general, predictable, and robust.'” ~ Daniel Sutter


James Hanley

All Value Is Subjective, and That’s a Good Thing

“If anything had intrinsic value, we could only either exchange it for a price precisely matching that value, with neither of us becoming better off, or exchange it for a price different from its ‘true’ value, with one person ending up worse off because of the exchange.” ~ James E. Hanley


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