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Robert Hughes

New-Home Sales Remain at a High Level

“The single-family housing market remains a bright spot for the economy, supported by low interest rates and rising demand as urbanites move to less dense living areas.” – Robert Hughes


Stacey Rudin

Who Deserves Your Trust in the COVID Debate?

“Ask yourself, who deserves your trust? I would argue that anti-lockdowners are today’s abolitionists — people willing to take up an unpopular cause at incredible risk. Lockdowners may currently be ‘popular,’ but they are on the wrong side of history.” ~ Stacey Rudin


Robert E. Wright

Minority Rights

“With ballots no longer secret (and hence again alienable) in many states, the Electoral College under siege, and the independence of the Supreme Court threatened, minorities tremble with trepidation. Barring disunion or a return to states rights, the only real question now is, who shall be the next minority? Besides our heroic Covid-19 survivors that is.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Art Carden

Walmart’s “Buy American” Commitment Won’t Make America Great Again

“In its almost sixty years of existence, Walmart has revolutionized American retail and raised American standards of living by innovating in shipping, selling, and shopping. They certainly have the potential to continue doing so–but paying extra for stuff just because it was produced in the United States won’t help them or their customers in the long run.” ~ Art Carden


Ethan Yang

Biden’s “Bipartisan Commission on Judicial Reform”

“Although reforming the Supreme Court is certainly permitted, politicians must be incredibly conscious of the role and purpose of the Court. Short-term political agendas are not worth potentially compromising the integrity of our legal system for all of posterity.” ~ Ethan Yang


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