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Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Fell in October

“Consumer confidence fell in October as inflation expectations ticked up slightly. An aggressive Fed tightening cycle, elevated price pressures, and the fallout from the Russian war in Ukraine remain risks for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


David Barker

Fake Science Fuels Climate Extremism

“Following the habits of good science is a good idea, but following the dictates of people who call themselves scientists is not the same thing. Climate change might be real, but there are good reasons to reject calls for draconian policies that fail cost-benefit tests.” ~ David Barker


Raymond March

Don’t Let the FDA Tell You What’s Healthy

“Determining what is healthy or unhealthy is complex. Complex problems rarely have entirely right or wrong answers. The FDA is trying (again) to provide this, but there is a slim chance it will succeed.” ~ Raymond J. March


Gary Galles

Proposition 12, the Constitution, and Good Government

“Proposition 12 not only oversteps California’s regulatory powers under the U.S. Constitution, it also violates the political principle that those who will be forced to abide by laws should have a voice in them.” ~ Gary M. Galles


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