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Daniel Klein

The Semantic Revolution

“Our decisions on semantics express broader moral and political sensibilities. On my semantics, the revolutions of 1848 were not liberal. Nor, overall, was the revolution of 1789. As Edmund Burke put it in 1790: ‘Their liberty is not liberal.'” ~ Daniel B. Klein


James Bovard

Why Government Cover-Ups Succeed

“The mere fact that Biden is not Donald Trump will likely continue to give him a free pass from the media for at least another six months. Or maybe cold, hard reality will never catch up with the most media-beloved president since Barack Obama.” ~ James Bovard


Peter C. Earle

To Fix the Shipping Crisis, Start by Repealing the Jones Act

“The Biden Administration should immediately suspend the Jones Act, at least until the shipping backlog is remedied. That, instead of coddling special interests wielding ludicrous (and arguably long out-of-date) arguments, would be a true ‘gamechanger.'” ~ Peter C. Earle


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