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Phillip W. Magness

The Sketchy Claims of the Case for a Mask Mandate

“The fall 2020 case surge came many months after the widespread adoption of masks in these regions. Masks are not the next big policy step to take, but rather one that most of the afflicted regions have already taken. They simply weren’t the universal panacea that our media and parts of the epidemiology profession promised.” ~ Phil Magness


Wayne Brough

The Trustbuster’s Fatal Conceit

“It is important to remember that while tech is today’s poster child for antitrust reform, the proposed antitrust overhaul will reach far beyond the technology sector. All American companies will be forced to play by the new rules and the stifling effects of stricter enforcement will affect the entire U.S. economy.” ~ Wayne T. Brough


J.P. Koning

Two Types of Postal Banking

“It is possible that these prepaid card providers aren’t competing very hard, and thus unbanked households face abnormally high fees. If so, the unbanked population could benefit by having the USPS enter the market. On the other hand, if the market for prepaid cards is already competitive, a USPS card may have problems gaining a foothold, in which case it may not even be worth the effort.” ~ J.P. Koning


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