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Existing home sales
Robert Hughes

Existing-Home Sales Trending Flat; Upside Limited

Existing-home sales fell 2.2 percent in September and are about even with levels from 2016. Housing activity is unlikely to move significantly higher in the coming months.


Richard M. Ebeling

Collectivist Revivalism and the New Attack on Liberty

Liberty cannot be destroyed as long as they are any who hold it dear in their hearts, who share what they know and understand about it with others.


Art Carden

My Busted iPhone Did Not Help the Economy

This thinking — or more accurately, this unthinking — pervades the popular understanding of natural disasters, wars, taxes, stadium subsidies, arts subsidies, and all sorts of other things that amount at best to a mere redirection of resources.


Veronique de Rugy

Five Wrong Claims about Trade

Debating trade issues with President Trump’s anti-trade supporters is a constant game of goal shifting. If you point out that the Trump tariffs are raising revenue for Uncle Sam on the backs of American consumers, they reply that China is hurting the most. If you note that the trade war is the main reason the stock market is losing […]


J.P. Koning

Nigeria’s Cash Tax Is a Bad Idea

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most influential nations. But other African countries should think twice before emulating its costly cash policy.


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