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Alexander W. Salter

Inflated Hopes and Burst Bubbles

“The Fed’s chief task is to restore its lost credibility. In retrospect, the switch to average inflation targeting was a mistake. It gave the Fed plausible deniability for noisier, less predictable policy.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Robert Hughes

Industrial Output Increases to a Record High in September

“The industrial sector grew in September, posting record output. However, elevated price pressures, weak consumer sentiment, and an aggressive Fed tightening cycle remain risks. Caution is warranted.” ~ Robert Hughes


Art Carden

Review of Superabundance by Marian L. Tupy and Gale L. Pooley

“To update Simon’s analysis, they ‘calculate the hours and minutes needed to earn the money to buy goods and services’ and discover that over time, people have been getting progressively more for the sweat of their brows.” ~ Art Carden


G. Patrick Lynch

Guatemala’s Enclave of Liberty

“Whether the Universidad de Francisco Marroquín is replicable outside of its context is an open question, but it is a question we should see answered here in the US over the next several decades.” ~ G. Patrick Lynch


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