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Robert Hughes

Consumers Restrain Spending in September

Retail sales were weak in September raising concern about the strength of the economy. However, continued economic expansion remains the most likely path.


Sean Stein Smith

How Are 5G and Libra Connected?

Spectrum and fiat currency alternatives are technologies of the future; governments seek to control both.


Vincent Geloso

Go-Big Economics and Go-Small Economics

Strong and rigorous empirical methodologies are desirable. This year’s laureates make this abundantly clear. The next step is to apply them to the biggest and broadest questions possible.


Art Carden

The State Is a Greasy-Hand Tourist

If you’ve ever been scuba diving or snorkeling, you probably know that swimmers aren’t supposed to touch the coral with their bare hands.


Richard M. Ebeling

The NBA’s China Problem Due to Political Control Over Markets

There is one important difference in the words and actions of Donald Trump and those of President Xi Jinping and his government in China: Donald cannot command that all companies doing business with the NFL.


Mises vs. Marx - The March of History
Edward Stringham

Watch Mises vs. Marx: The March of History

Extremely pleased to announce the release of “The March of History,” a musical a project of the American Institute for Economic Research three years in the making.


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