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Alexander W. Salter

Inflation and Consumer Welfare: Don’t Forget the Supply Side!

“Let’s keep our eye on the supply side. We should be making every effort, policy-wise, to ease restrictions on production and exchange. That will help both in the short run and the long run.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


Doug Bandow

Marijuana Legalization: Corporate America Now Leading the Way

“Although government plays a role in confronting abuse, civil institutions have an even more important role in creating informal rules for drug use. We increasingly see this process at work, illustrating an important expansion of liberty in Americans’ lives.” ~ Doug Bandow


Robert Mulligan

Money and the Constitution

“The dubious constitutionality of the Federal Reserve System set up in 1912 might have been overlooked if it had provided price stability, lower unemployment, or enhanced economic growth.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


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