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Robert Hughes

AIER’s Everyday Price Index Falls for the Third Consecutive Month in September

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index fell 0.4 in September, driven by falling gasoline prices. An aggressive Fed tightening cycle, consumer pessimism, and fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine remain threats to the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Art Carden

Economic Essentials and Economic Errors

“Economics has sometimes been described as ‘the painful elaboration of common sense,’ and while I don’t think ‘painful’ is accurate, economics often just applies common sense.” ~ Art Carden


Matthew Ladner

A Beautiful Tree Grows in America

“As the pandemic wore on, many public schools became increasingly similar to the schools that Tooley discovered that parents in India and Africa shunned.” ~ Matthew Ladner


Lawrence Reed

The Root of Today’s Education Problem

“From Israel to America and lots of places in between, government is not the answer to problems in education. It is the paramount problem itself. ” ~ Lawrence W. Reed


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