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James Bovard

Two Types of Terror in Michigan

“Will the Michigan plot be touted by the media to valorize every government official who placed any American under house arrest in response to the pandemic? It is possible to heartily condemn both nitwit conspirators and oppressive politicians. Unfortunately, the media will likely pay far more attention to the bluster of boneheads than to actual devastation produced by unjustified shutdowns.” ~ James Bovard



Professor Sunetra Gupta on the Perils of Disease Modelling

What’s extraordinary to consider is how the principles she presents here apply equally to economics, sociology, history, and political theory. Gupta writes here like the F.A. Hayek of epidemiology. But the topic of the day is public health and here are her extraordinary observations, ending in a grave warning.


John Tamny

With Facebook, Antitrust Officials Advertise Astonishing Ignorance

“If Facebook is to remain dominant and relevant, readers can rest assured that it will remain on top precisely because Instagram will eventually be yesterday’s news within Facebook; the photo and video-sharing juggernaut of the moment eclipsed by business lines or apps that market participants are presently dismissive of, undervaluing, or both.” ~ John Tamny


Clifford Thies

What Would Lincoln Do?

“Salmon P. Chase, the greatest civil rights lawyer of that day, in particular, campaigned for Lincoln’s re-election. Then, on the day the Senate reconvened, Lincoln sent over a one-sentence message nominating Chase, who was then confirmed without debate, on a voice vote.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Robert E. Wright

Woke Financial Crisis Part Deux

“Ideologues can claim that mathematics is merely a human construct but there really is a real world out there. It has bitten us in the keister before and appears poised to do so again, just for ignoring it. Maybe we should all wake up.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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