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dont look down
Robert Hughes

Job Openings Decline in August, Continuing Downward Trend

Private-sector job openings have fallen in six of the past nine months, suggesting that erratic and incoherent policy may be undermining confidence in the economic outlook.


working together
Chloe Anagnos

Americans Aren’t Volunteering or Giving to Charity Because They’re Broke

With the U.S. government taking in more taxes each year, it is clear that Americans aren’t able to use their hard-earned money for good. Perhaps that’s one of the main reasons why Americans aren’t volunteering as often as we once did. 


Jeffrey Tucker

The Marginal Marginalist from Prague

Cheers to Franz Cuhel, long dead, long forgotten, not even translated to English, and now not even mentioned by current historians of the Austrian School.


banking amish
Robert E. Wright

Banking with the Amish

Americans don’t need government plans to solve problems; they just need to be allowed to innovate without undue restriction in an environment where property rights find sufficient protection.


US yield curve
Joakim Book

Yield Curve Inversions Don’t Improve Investment Outcomes

In light of the yield curve signal’s inability to overperform, it seems that for most investors the takeaway is that yield curve inversions are mostly noise. Ignore them and stick to your strategy. 


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