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Robert Hughes

Slower But Broad-Based Gains for Private Sector Payrolls in September

“Payrolls posted another disappointing gain in September though breadth of gains in the private sector was favorable. The outlook is for continued recovery but the threats and headwinds to growth remain significant.” – Robert Hughes


Richard M. Ebeling

Biden’s $3.5 Trillion “Make Big Government Even Bigger” Plan

“What is needed is a repeal of government regulations and restrictions, ending any and all government control over consumption and production, lowering taxes, the end to budget deficits, and working with a balanced budget.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Robert E. Wright

Has America’s Third “Civil War” Begun?

“America’s civil civil war seems to pit ‘sheeple’ against people, the brainwashed against those capable of independent thought, and ‘safety first’ authoritarians against civil libertarians, left, right, and center.” ~ Robert E. Wright


John Tamny

President Biden Is the Latest to Promote the Fib That Corporations Pay No Taxes

“So long as the tax code penalizes work and investment, corporate taxes will be enormously high. Call them what they are: taxes on individual earnings that harm the individual, and that by extension harm the corporations that operate within what we call an ‘economy.'” ~ John Tamny


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