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Robert Hughes

Unemployment Benefit Claimants Declining Slowly

“Initial and continuing claims for unemployment benefits remain stubbornly high, suggesting a slow and uneven economic recovery.” – Robert Hughes


Micha Gartz

The Great Barrington Declaration Is Not Saying ‘Lock Up Grandma’

“The Great Barrington Declaration doesn’t deny that Covid-19 may lead to sickness and death in elderly and vulnerable individuals, but its focus is on avoiding the unnecessary physical, mental, social, economic, and educational impacts of lockdowns, which if appended to a discussion appear as a mere footnote to the policy debate.” ~ Michaa Gartz and Amelia Janaskie


spanish inquisition
Ethan Yang

Reddit’s Censorship of The Great Barrington Declaration

“Silencing debate and demonizing those who disagree with you have more of a place in the Spanish Inquisition than it does in the halls of science. Public policy is informed not just by experimental theories but real-world observations and input from a variety of perspectives. The Great Barrington Declaration is a piece of history and an intellectual force that seeks to change the world for the better.” ~ Ethan Yang


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