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Jeffrey Singer

Polling Shows Persuasion Better than Mandates to Boost Vaccination

“If public health officials want to change behavior, they need to start treating unvaccinated Americans with respect. Adopt consistent, transparent, respectful, and persuasive messaging. Give unvaccinated Americans the facts and let them choose for themselves.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer & Michael F. Cannon


Gary Galles

SALT Deductibility, Hypocrisy and Good Government

“SALT deductibility suffers from several policy disabilities. If state and local governments benefit their citizens, they offer them more valuable services than costs, so no deductibility is warranted.” ~ Gary M. Galles


George Leef

We Need a Free Market in Legal Services

“If we didn’t have government licensing of lawyers, what would instead emerge would be voluntary certifications that would assist consumers in finding the practitioners who have the specific knowledge for their needs.” ~ George Leef


Max Borders

Frontline Doctors Stand Up to Authoritarian Public Health Officials

“It’s no wonder these doctors are in open rebellion against authoritarian public health bodies who seek to implement monolithic mass behavioral control in place of a dynamic multi-pronged approach that includes clinical best practices.” ~ Max Borders


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