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Joakim Book

End this Recession Now!

“The remedy for this self-imposed economic harakiri, this desperate and destructive attempt at self-harm that is governments’ pandemic response, is exactly that: end it. Abolish. Abandon. Cease and desist. Have governments get out of the way and individuals make choices of their own, choices adjusted to their own risks and risk tolerance – not a mindless one-size-fits-all solution that takes very little account of real people’s lives.” ~ Joakim Book


empty podium
Stacey Rudin

The Pandemic that Killed Debate

“We should celebrate people like Scott Atlas who are willing to take the unpopular, minority view — maybe we can learn from them. We should pay careful attention once we know their opponents will not only sling mud, but will not even appear for a debate.” ~ Stacey Rudin


vote here
Art Carden

Voters’ Incentives and Terrible Public Policy

“In about a month, Americans will elect a new President and a new Congress. In our ideal world, they would do so by very carefully weighing the costs and benefits of different policies and choosing the combinations that they reasonably believe to be in everyone’s best interests. In the world we inhabit, though, they will go to the polls and vote enthusiastically for policies that create more common harm than common good.” ~ Art Carden


Richard M. Ebeling

If I Ruled the World: A Dangerous Dream

“A nice fantasy for a daydreamer, but a dangerous plan in the hands of those presumptuous and arrogant enough to think that they could and should have the power to remake the world in which we all live.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Drs Kulldorff Gupta Bhattacharya
Taleed Brown

Reaching Immunity: A Private Summit of Epidemiologists Against Lockdowns (Video)

“During the greatest public policy crisis of our lifetimes, this film chronicles what appears to be a turning point, the moment when the moral courage of a few people broke through the pro-lockdown opinion consensus. With patience and careful explanation, the panel reveals the lockdown agenda as cruel pseudoscience that has had a devastating economic, medical, social, and cultural impact on everyone but especially the poor and struggling. This film will help everyone rethink what has happened to the world over the last 7 months.” ~ Taleed Brown


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