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Robert Hughes

September Services-Sector Expansion Continues, Price Pressures Ease Again

“Services-sector expansion continued in September. Labor and materials shortages are showing some signs of easing. However, signs of softening demand and concern about a weakening economy were also noted.” ~ Robert Hughes


Ryan Yonk

Pandemics and Liberty: An Introduction

“There will be more pandemics, and how (and how well) we can address them strongly depends on learning from contemporary and historical successes and failures. This volume aspires to take a step in this direction.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & Raymond J. March


Daniel Betti

The Over-Regulated David v Goliath

“The best way to fight against ‘the Bigs’ in society is not to create a big government, but to enable innovation. Let individuals compete as they will.” ~ Daniel Betti


Samuel Gregg

A Central Bank Reckoning

“Even the best set of rules and the tightest, most targeted, narrowly circumscribed mandate won’t be enough unless central bankers are willing to emulate something akin to judicial restraint.” ~ Samuel Gregg


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