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Jeffrey Tucker

No, America Is Not in a Civil War

The result of a century of coerced forms of social organization is exactly what you see and what so many decry as the fracturing of consensus in society. What’s miraculous is that we have somehow survived regardless of the nonstop attacks on liberty, property, and free association.


Max Gulker

The Real Agenda Behind Amazon’s New $15 per Hour Minimum Wage

Many people assume that to raise wages, big companies must be dragged along by government policy. Amazon’s eye-opening announcement yesterday suggests otherwise.


Antony Mueller

Economic Nationalism Is a Terrible Response to the Currency War

The way out of the dilemma and to resolve the problem that is posed by the existence of national currencies under state authority, is to use private money at a global scale. Gold once served this purpose and could again. Further, the new electronic monies, like Bitcoin for example, are not bound to a specific state or nation.  


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