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Jeffrey Tucker

George Melloan, a Giant at the Wall Street Journal, Has Died

“Melloan wrote with calm and elegant prose but underneath that smooth easy-reading style was a wonderful warrior for truth, a man with a passion for improving the world through freedom and ever evolving cascades of human achievement and dignity. How I long for that vision to come back! It seems almost extinct today on both the right and the left, and tragically so.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

Private Payrolls Added 877,000, But Remain Well Below the Prior Peak

“Private payrolls added 877,000 but the slowing of pace recovery in employment and huge numbers of unemployed suggest the recovery remains extremely uncertain.” – Robert Hughes


bright america
Deirdre McCloskey

Is America in Decline?

“America cannot be the literal Top Nation forever, nor should it be, nor does it matter. Being smart and hardworking and fulfilled are what matter, not tiny percentage differences of income between rich countries, 10 percent plus or minus. America is not declining. In the modern world, no income per head actually declines in absolute terms, unless through war or socialism.” ~ Deirdre McCloskey


fun party
Michael Fumento

The Elusive “Covid Party” Myth

“The stories go ‘viral for the same reason that all social distancing-shaming content does: it gives people cooped up in their homes a reason to pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for their own sacrifices.'” ~ Michael Fumento


smug, Bill De Blasio
Jenin Younes

The Compulsory Masking of New York City

“If these officials had our best interests in mind, instead of treating us like children or animals upon whom arbitrary punishment is inflicted in order to obtain obedience, they would contemplate the real problem and narrowly tailor solutions, taking into consideration the impact of any new policies on the population at large. That includes the economic and psychological consequences of lockdowns, mask mandates, and enforced social distancing. Positive PCR tests are not the only thing in the world that matters.” ~ Jenin Younes


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