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Veronique de Rugy

Poverty Isn’t Just About Money: Expanding the Child Tax Credit

“The truth is that no country ever got out of poverty because of income redistribution. If such ‘redistribution’ could deliver such a happy outcome, the U.S. should have no child poverty at all.” ~ Veronique de Rugy


Raymond March

Fumento Misdiagnoses Remdesivir

“Remdesivir gives a story of the triumph of innovation during a difficult period. The lesson we should take away is not ‘Do something, anything,’ it is to get government out of the way so we can find solutions.” ~ Raymond J. March


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rose for the Third Consecutive Week

“Weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits rose for a third consecutive week, likely a result of the recent surge in new Covid cases. Federal continuing claims plunged as two pandemic programs saw steep declines.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

The “Fortune of the Commons”: Why Are There Still Blueberries in the Fields?

“Sometimes the supposedly inevitable tragedy-of-the-commons can, with prosperity and economic growth, be turned on its head to become the Fortune of the Commons.” ~ Joakim Book


Richard M. Ebeling

Biden’s Demagoguery that Government Spending is Costless

“President Biden’s demagoguery, arrogant impatience, and dictatorial manner do not and cannot change reality. At the end of the day, his policies can only lead to a financial and economic disaster.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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