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james buchanan
Art Carden

James M. Buchanan’s Normative Vision Fifteen Years Later

“Why I, Too, Am Not a Conservative lays out a subtle, complex, and principled vision for a functioning society of equals. Autonomy and reciprocity, he argues, are necessary for peace, order, and prosperity, but at the same time he doesn’t see it as his role to deconstruct society and rebuild it along these lines. Buchanan is critical of radicals who would force others to be free, or who would seek liberal ends by illiberal means.” ~ Art Carden


Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Sends Mixed Signals in September

“Consumer attitudes improved in September, but views of current conditions and the future remain sharply divergent; combined with other developments, the economy remains at risk.” – Robert Hughes


J.P. Koning

Bitcoin Financial Literacy and Crypto-Twitter

“It is sad to see an excited gambler sell their house to go all-in on a longshot, whether that be on lottery tickets or on cryptocurrencies. It is shameful to encourage such behaviors. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are a game. Play responsibly.” ~ J.P. Koning


sweden shopping
Joakim Book

The Swedish Bumblebee

“On economic well-being, it’s clear that a country with an invasively large government sector and extraordinarily high taxes can still perform well. In the corona debates, the simplified story that lockdowns prevent spread and open societies kill people should be relegated to the dustbin of impressive theories at odds with reality.” ~ Joakim Book


Colin Lloyd

Debt or Taxes

“At the present juncture, developed country government bond yields are more likely to fall than rise. Fiscal spending will be financed by deferred taxation, the repayment of today’s (and probably tomorrow’s) obligations will be bequeathed to our children and grandchildren. Digital taxes, taxation on wealth and financial transaction fees may creep higher at the margins, along with higher taxes on higher earners, but debt is the least painful solution to the fiscal needs of the present.” ~ Colin Lloyd


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