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Robert E. Wright

A Plea for Checks

“Private organizations, whether for- or nonprofit, have to be ahead of the times in order to survive in a world of cutthroat competition. (Or cabal as Smith warned.) To see what the future holds, look to businesses and nonprofits. They would be even further ahead if they did not have to constantly worry about meddling politicians coming up from behind.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Peter C. Earle

An Inalienable Human Right to Commerce

“Tyrannical COVID-19 policies make clear: a formal, inalienable Human Right to Commerce is long overdue” ~ Peter C. Earle


Joakim Book

Harford Brings Statistics To The Masses

“I share Harford’s deep commitment to figuring out what’s true. His calls for keeping an open mind, for being curious about scientific questions, results, and numbers, for carefully noticing your emotions on a topic – all supremely useful advice from which most of us can benefit. Abandoning or doubting all statistics you encounter is not wise or clever; it’s giving up logic and evidence in a complicated world. It’s a ‘retreat into believing whatever makes us feel good.'” ~ Joakim Book


no freedom
Barry Brownstein

Fahrenheit 451 Predicted People Would Demand Tyranny

“Today, how many say nothing to their neighbors and colleagues about Covid-19 policies for fear of being accused of not valuing human lives? In Fahrenheit 451, silence helped pave the way for the public’s embrace of tyranny. In 2020, Fahrenheit 451 is far more than a chilling, cautionary tale. To reverse the spiral of silence we must make space for candid conversations by thoughtfully considering alternative viewpoints.” ~ Barry Brownstein


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