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Robert Hughes

Consumers’ Views of the Economy Fell in September

“Consumers are becoming less optimistic as Covid cases rise. The declining optimism is likely to have some impact on spending and remains a risk to the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes


Richard Salsman

The Costly but Deliberate U.S. Labor Shortage

“Today’s U.S. labor shortage is both uneconomic and unnecessary, yet nonetheless what appears to be a deliberate policy aim. Sadly, the same can be said about a wide range of other anti-capitalist policies being advanced by the Biden administration.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Joakim Book

Since Viking Times, the Nordics Have Been Different

“Work hard; Endure hardship; Do what is right. That is the core of the Viking spirit, which Herman so elegantly traces through its millennia-long history: ‘about daring to reach for more than the universe had gifted you, no matter the odds and the obstacles.'” ~ Joakim Book


Alberto Mingardi

Immigration and the Open Society

“Few of us would endorse the idea of marriages mandatorily arranged by parents for their kids. Why would we be happier with state paternalism deciding how society should be formed?” ~ Alberto Mingardi


J.P. Koning

Fast Payments Enable Lightning Kidnappings in Brazil

“The only way that the Banco Central do Brasil could completely end PIX-based lightning kidnapping would be to slow the entire system down. That would mean cutting regular Brazilians off completely from the benefits of real-time payments.” ~ J.P. Koning


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