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china tik tok
Edward Stringham

TikTok Is Creepy but Consumers Should Be Free to Decide (Video)

“As the US-CHINA battle wages on, TikTok and it’s software shareholders are faced with the decision to sell ownership to the US or be banned from operating. I joined BBC World News to discuss the latest.” ~ Edward Stringham


davos, elites, planning
Richard M. Ebeling

Stakeholder Fascism Means More Loss of Liberty

“Like other forms of imposed central planning over the last one hundred years, Stakeholder Fascism would only lead to tyranny, poverty, and the greater loss of liberty and freedom to choose.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Sos, Venezuela
Donald J. Boudreaux

Human Gullibility

“Economic reasoning, facts, and the actual history of industrial policy and antitrust, compared to that of free markets, do nothing to quell the fervor for vastly enlarged and more vigorous state control over the economy. As Niemietz thoroughly documents, zeal for replacing commerce and cooperation with coercion and commands does not come from a rational place in the human mind. This zeal is not the product of reason; it’s an instance of religion.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


girl reading
Jenin Younes

Disease Panic vs. Medical Reality

“I urge the reader to approach Corona with an open mind, and when in doubt, to check the citations. Because, at the risk of sounding dramatic, our civilization depends on it. If we, as a species, can be so easily manipulated into ceding our liberty, dignity, and very lives to irrational fear, I shudder to see what the future holds.” ~ Jenin Younes


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