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Michael Munger


“Only a society afflicted with severe Nutzenschmerz would choose a system where even the neediest are harmed, to ensure that no one else gets an arbitrary or undeserved benefit.” ~ Michael Munger


Robert Hughes

Durable-Goods Orders Rose in August as Core Capital-Goods Hit Another Record High

“New orders for core capital goods hit another new high in August, the ninth record in the last ten months. Continued gains are a positive sign for the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes


James Harrigan

Biden’s Tax Plan Is a Middle-Class Death Tax Dressed as a Capital Gains Tax on the Rich

“Say what they will about using the tax code to reduce income inequality, the fact is that multi-trillion dollar deficits have made politicians desperate for new sources of tax revenue. And, having eaten the rich, they’re now turning their eyes to the middle class.” ~ James R. Harrigan & Antony Davies


Peter C. Earle

The Irony of China’s Most Recent Bitcoin Ban

“With the Evergrande crisis looming in the background, the crypto universe being pilloried by Chinese authorities as a ‘growing threat to financial stability’ and ‘disrupt[ive] to economic order’ is more than simply ironic. It is irony at its most mordant.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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