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Chloe Anagnos

Blockchain Will Save Our Salad

What this is about is what is called provenance, which is the definitive establishment and documentation of who has owned what and where it has been. This is the foundation contribution of blockchain, to prove provenance better than any other technology in history.


Robert Hughes

Durable-Goods Orders Jump in August

New orders for durable goods jumped 4.5 percent in August while orders excluding aircraft increased 1.4 percent to a new record. Today’s reports suggest that demand remains strong and that the broader economy is maintaining solid momentum in the second half of 2018.


Max Gulker

What Travel Agents Can Teach Us About Blockchain

Disruptive technologies are rarely superior to incumbents in every single product or service the latter provides. And incumbents are rarely passive enough not to adapt and adopt in response to technological change.


Jeffrey Tucker

Life Is Complicated, and That Is Good

Human beings can do more and realize their potentials more readily the more human interactions they have and the more extensive and complex the system of human interaction of which they are a part.


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