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George Leef

There’s No Such Thing as “Market Fundamentalism”

“Minds Wide Shut provides a worthwhile introduction, but it calls for much more work. I would suggest to Morson and Schapiro that they revise the book to focus on true fundamentalist thinking and leave out their misleading and ill-conceived attack on ‘market fundamentalism.'” ~ George Leef


Existing-home sales
Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Rose but So Did Inventory and Months’ Supply

“New-home sales rose in August but so did inventory and months’ supply. Rising prices will likely continue to force some buyers out of the market, leading to additional inventory build and slower price increases.” – Robert Hughes


James Hanley

Will We Accept Nuclear Fusion When It Comes?

“By using the most abundant element on earth, hydrogen, Fusion provides a limitless future. The only question is whether our politics allows us to accept this good fortune.” ~ James E. Hanley


Todd Myers

The Curse of Resources, Coups, and Business

“Unruly ambitions degrade the institutions and norms that would contribute to successful negotiations with multinational firms and investors essential for the development of the economy.” ~ Todd Myers


David Waugh

Corporate Welfare: Where’s the Outrage? A Review

“The majority of corporate welfare policies appear to remove resources from local populations and via cronyism, politicians try to insulate themselves from the loss of those benefits by removing community members from the decision process.” ~ David Waugh


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