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Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Falls in September

Consumer attitudes were off but still generally upbeat in September, supported by a strong labor market. Incoherent policies and on-going trade wars could hurt attitudes and consumer spending in the future.


Stephen Davies

The Myth of Heroism

“History and human progress are driven far more by ordinary people doing sometimes extraordinary things than by special people with a unique destiny.” ~ Stephen Davies


Robert E. Wright

How Much Independence Has Fed Lost?

The genius of the recent NBER paper, by Duke’s Francesco Bianchi and London Business School’s Howard Kung and Thilo Kind, is that it directly measures the effect of President Donald J. Trump’s tweets critical of the Federal Reserve on the Federal Funds Rate, a key overnight interbank interest rate.


Richard M. Ebeling

My Life as an Austrian Economist and a Classical Liberal

Economist Richard Ebeling reflects on his life and career, learning from and being colleagues with many of the greats, from Rand to Hayek to Morgenstern to Rothbard.


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