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David Henderson

Breaking News: Unrealized Capital Gains are Not Taxed

“There’s no real news here. Instead the White House economists who did the study, Greg Leiserson and Danny Yagan, have redefined income.” ~ David R. Henderson


Max Borders

Understanding Underthrow: A Pragmatic Case for Decentralism and Satyagraha

“It’s time to unleash a thousand experiments in underthrow. Even if only a few of those experiments take hold, these niches represent the promise that you find a system that more closely resembles your ideals.” ~ Max Borders


Clifford Thies

The Integration of College Football

“With the slow process of peaceful social change, things become possible that had previously been impossible, and compromises that at one time had been acceptable, become unacceptable.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Robert Hughes

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise Again as Continuing Claims Fall

“Weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits rose for a second consecutive week, likely a result of the recent surge in new Covid cases. However, a tight labor market and a record number of open jobs should support a downward trend, but the path may be extended and more volatile.” – Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Coin Can’t Save US from Debt Crisis

“If Treasury can just slap a figure on a hunk of metal and demand that the Federal Reserve credit its account with that figure, it could force the creation of as much money as the politicians controlling it want.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Richard M. Ebeling

America’s Fiscal History: From Liberty to Paternalism

“Once the ideology of collectivism replaces the political philosophy of individual freedom, free enterprise, impartial rule of law, and constitutionally limited government, the nation faces not only ultimate financial bankruptcy, but cultural and social collapse as well.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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