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Jeffrey Tucker

Top Twenty Lessons I’ve Learned in 2020

“Governments are fully capable of doing the unthinkable, and doing so suddenly with no exit plan, little consideration of cost, and a callous disregard for individual rights.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Robert Hughes

Household Net Worth Hits A Record While Government and Corporate Debt Pile Up

“Despite the pandemic, restrictive government policies, and recession, household net worth rebounded to a new record but excessive debt in other sectors is a risk.” – Robert Hughes


capitol hill
Art Carden

The Aristocracy of Pull

“The reader of Political Capitalism will be pulled away from blackboard models of perfect worlds we can imagine, but they will come away with a better understanding of the world we actually inhabit.” ~ Art Carden


we chat, tik tok
John Tamny

The Banning of WeChat and TikTok Is Unbearably Dangerous Politics

“Ultimately what’s happening is irresponsible in addition to unreasonable. Let’s stop penalizing Chinese businesses for having the temerity to operate under less than ideal political conditions. They’re more like we are than most want to admit.” ~ John Tamny


George Gilder

We Must Choose: Liberty or Lockdown

“So let’s stop pretending that our policies have been rational and need to be phased out, as if they once had a purpose. They should have been reversed summarily in March and acknowledged to be a mistake, perpetrated by statisticians with erroneous computer models. Instead we were subject to six months of hell, all beautifully documented by Tucker.” ~ George Gilder


dangerous road
Jenin Younes

Disease Panic Put Us on a Dangerous Course

“Our civilization is threatened not by this virus, but by deeply flawed reasoning in how it ought to be managed. Unless we make clear to our politicians and our fellow citizens that they are wrong, and that our ability to engage in activities and pursuits that are critical to our well-being is not negotiable, we run the risk of leading this diminished existence for the remainder of our lives.” ~ Jenin Younes


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