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Max Borders

The Great Authoritarian Arms Race

“Now is not the time to ‘retire the both-sides-ism trope.’ It’s time that an anti-authoritarian coalition turns against affective polarization and the impulse to pick a team. It’s time we call out authoritarianism anywhere it rears its head.” ~ Max Borders


Randall Holcombe

Tribalism and Electoral Politics

“Humans still have those tribal instincts, and politicians can play them differently by defining who they include in their ‘us’ group and who they define as ‘them.’ Their strategies are fully intentional.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


Vincent Geloso

An Image Worth 10,000 Words: A Review of Superabundance

“Pooley and Tupy find that every one-percent increase in population corresponds to a roughly one-percent decrease in the time-price. This formulation is elegantly simple and conveys the crucial point that population growth is good.” ~ Vincent Geloso


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