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Existing home sales
Robert Hughes

Existing-Home Sales and Inventory Fell in August

“Existing-home sales and inventories fell slightly in August as high prices and shifting housing preferences weigh on activity.” – Robert Hughes


David Gillette

What Is Money, Anyway?

“Rather than it being evil, it should deserve respect since it lays claim to the production of goods and services that do not yet exist. Even more boldly, when earned non-fraudulently, money represents a debt society owes you.” ~ David Gillette


James Bovard

Biden’s Wrecking Ball for Financial Privacy

“President Biden relishes condemning tax-dodging billionaires but that $600 reporting requirement is a signal that IRS purgatory could soon be crowded with average Americans.” ~ James Bovard


Robert Gordon

Economics and the Picture Show

“Economists should pay attention to aesthetics, or the art of economics, which is the art of creating ourselves, both morally and financially. More radically, economists need to stop trying to find an objective way into the heart of what happens when we exchange.” ~ Robert E. Gordon


Robert E. Wright

A Tale of Two Letters

“I can imagine writing, and have written, two letters of advice to my two sons upon their graduations from high school and college, the first if the trajectory of February 2020 had continued and the second given what has actually transpired since.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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