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James Hanley

The Great Ivermectin Flap Reveals the Tribalism of American Politics

“A skeptic is simply a person who is willing to be persuaded by the evidence, not someone who is pre-committed to a particular outcome, or who misrepresents the facts of the case. I encourage you, whatever your tribe, to become a proper skeptic, too.” ~ James E. Hanley


Robert Hughes

Multifamily Segment Leads Housing Market Construction in August

“Multifamily housing activity has been surging recently while the single-family segment struggles. Uncertainty due to the latest wave of Covid combined with rising home prices and ongoing labor and materials shortages for builders all contribute to a challenging environment for housing.” – Robert Hughes


Doug Bandow

The Silver Lining of the Afghanistan Withdrawal: Afghanistan is No Longer Simply a US Problem

“The U.S. cannot fix the world. Washington should leave Central Asia’s problems to surrounding states. And Americans should focus on reviving their country.” ~ Doug Bandow


Daniel Klein

When Diktats and Conscience Conflict

“Grotius was a great liberal because he saw that everyone has moral agency, as an individual: Rulers are to be judged by the ruled. Everyone has the capacity and the responsibility to judge.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


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